[04.03.2021] My last demoproject and also the last project I did at PIXL VISN. Scroll down to see some WIP entries. Here you can see the final result:

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My last demoproject and also the last project I did at PIXL VISN.
Scroll down to see some WIP entries. Here you can see the final result:


For my 3rd Demo Reel project I wanted to make a real time project again like my first one. But this time i won't render it in Unreal Engine but in Marmoset Toolbag. I also want to use marvelous designer for his apron, the hat and shoes.

I started this project 3 days ago all over again because i was so unhappy with my last concept and idea. So i found a really cool new concept online:

concept by Johan Grenier

I'm glad that i started again. This project is so much more fun. I blocked out the character shapes in maya first this time but i'm still not sure whether this was a helpful idea or not.
Today i finished the detail sculpting in Zbrush (or at least i think that for now, maybe i will add some details before i start texturing). I'm not sure yet if i will sculp the pores and really fine details in zbrush too or if i will add them through texturing in Substance Painter.

Overall it was also a good anatomy study for me i think (even if he hasn't realistic proportions).


I created the clothes this time in Marvelous Designer instead of Zbrush. It was the first time I used Marvelous and i have to admit that i love it :)

Nevertherless I edited and adjusted the clothes in Zbush, added some thickness an made the retopology. Here is the result:


Today I finished the blockout of his "backpack" in Maya and will start sculpting details in Zbrush. (I have enough of making ropes and knots for the next year i guess :D)

Today i worked again on the Clothes and added further details and stitches.
Now i will one by one add details to the stuff on his back.. most of them are still lowpoly on this screenshots:

I finished the detail modeling in Zbrush yesterday, so i did the UV's for the Body today and wanted to bake the textures in Substance... well turned out to be not that easy. I think i will have to try it this time with making a cage for the prejecting distances. I will test that tomorrow.

I spent the last days with texturing and made a little test-lighting-setup in marmoset today to check the overall look. I must admit that i'm really surprised that i didn't ran into any bigger problems with this project by now... Except that my normal maps looked kinda strange in marmoset, but it turns out that i just had to flip the  green channels.

After our review-lesson i changed some things in the texturing. I added some veins all over the body, especially on the lips and arms.

After that i spent some time on the ropes... i thought they didn't look quite realistic and too much like cylinders.
I added small bands at the ends of the ropes and made two versions. On one i simply cut the rope right below this band and on one i modeled a frayed rope end. I'm not sure at the moment if i will keep the frayed one because it increases my polycount drastically even though it looks way better than simply cut it...

The spent the last week rigging the character. Because i dropped the rigging lessons in Term300 it was very difficult for me to make a proper rig, but i think it will fulfill its purpose.

Today i posed the goblin and i will spend the following days with the animation. Still not sure what he should do, maybe a simple walk cycle or only an idle animation... i will see.

So i made an idle animation and a walkcycle like i had planned. Unfortuantely i can't show them here, but they will be in my final demoreel.

I sped the whole day making different light setups because i wasn't happy with my first attempt. So here is the one that i finally chose:

Also i changed the ground texture as you can see. I like the cobble one much more than just a simple color.


I pushed the lighting a bit further with adding a second rim light and moving the right light a bit tto make the overall look a bit softer. Furthermore i improved the ground texture with a parallax effect that i just found in Marmoset and a height map so the ground looks less flat. Also i added some scattering on the fabric to take advantage of the fuzz options.

Vanessa Mai

Published 2 years ago